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Strength or weakness – which side of the line are you really on?

Posted by Brendon Walsh on 21 December 2015

New Zealand sheep and beef farm business owners have had consistently poor profit and other results for decades now. Therefore, everyone in the industry has been calling for the upskilling of these farmers so they can be ahead of the game and deliver profit every year. We all know that the real strength in our industry is going to come from those who have the most invested, the most to lose and produce the products others in the industry use to generate their incomes from.

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Powerful Connected Farmers

Posted by Brendon on 25 March 2014

Putting together sheep and beef farmers of like value systems creates incredible opportunities! The power and focus created when they mastermind together for a common purpose is just what our NZ Sheep and Beef farming industry needs, and this is exactly what was created when GrowFARM clients from around NZ attended the GrowFARM National Mastermind Meeting for 2 days last week in Hamilton.

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