Client quotes - what our clients have said about Growfarm

"I didn't really understand farming profit until I used the Growfarm system."

Peter Barrett, Linnburn Station, Maniototo, Otago, South Island 


"Growfarm has impacted us in everything we do. We can work out solutions in other areas of life a lot easier now and it has helped both of us grow. The progress we are making is mind-boggling."

Roger and Paula Thompson, Five Rivers, Southland, South Island


"We used to have a heap of irons in the fire and none were consistently working. Growfarm helped us identify our profit makers, the big expense stock classes, how to consolidate on a few and do them damn well."

Bruce and Chrissina Donald, Mironui Station, Dannevirke, Tararua, North Island


“My profits are up, and I am a lot more relaxed. Mind you when you understand how farm profit works, it is pretty logical. I have learned to think as a business owner first and knowing how to make a profit in any year under any conditions has boosted my confidence in the future ahead.”

Nick Miller, Cone Downs Farm, Ettrick, Otago, South Island


"Once we understood our profit periods, our business profitability went from 4.1c to 10c profit per kg dry matter eaten for the year, in 2 years."

Duncan and Michelle Brown, Te Uri, Tararua, North Island


"Growfarm has been life changing for us!"

Name withheld, Dannevirke, Tararua, North Island


“The old thinking that ‘higher stocking rates and intensification cause profit’ just doesn’t wash anymore. GrowFARM® taught me how to control my stocking rates for full feeding during profit periods and to set up well ahead of my key times. Things just seem to work! I have more time to plan and spend with family. My staff enjoy the workload too." 

Nick Miller, Cone Downs Farm, Ettrick, Otago, South Island