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Over the 16 years to 2019, Brendon Walsh coached sheep and beef farm business owners to be the best they can be, gain immense personal satisfaction from their work, and drive their own businesses to greater profit and other outcomes they really want. 

In 2009 the Growfarm System was born and has since helped dozens of sheep and beef farming families around New Zealand have great businesses and great lives! Growfarm has been an essential partner in their farm business teams.

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A core belief Brendon holds close to his heart:

Anyone can achieve what they really want, if they want it badly enough!

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to grow leadership, strength and passion in our rural communities 

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We believe our sheep and beef industry is weakened because general business thinking, confidence and farm businesses are weaker than they should be.

Personal and group leadership will emerge to grow a strong industry if sheep and beef farmers step up as business owners and create their own great results.



growing farm business owners

by working with farmers

to create their own great results

under any of the conditions

they may face

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It has been getting tougher to generate consistent profits from sheep and beef farming, with variable climates, variable livestock market values, regulation, industry sentiment and variable advice. Many sheep and beef farmers, disillusioned with farming, have left the industry while others have stayed on - some prospering, others not.

As farmers you are constantly told that you need to move towards the top 20% of performers but also that the technology doesn’t exist to lift sheep and beef farm profitability. This notion is something we disagree with wholeheartedly!

There is so much that every single farmer can do, if they so choose, to improve their businesses, profits and prospects for their families.

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be trustworthy

claim personal responsibility

have courage to do what it takes

enjoy the journey!

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