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Posted by Brendon on 25 March 2014

Putting together sheep and beef farmers of like value systems creates incredible opportunities! The power and focus created when they mastermind together for a common purpose is just what our NZ Sheep and Beef farming industry needs, and this is exactly what was created when GrowFARM clients from around NZ attended the GrowFARM National Mastermind Meeting for 2 days last week in Hamilton.

Currently our industry is in a real crisis - and I am not talking about meat company structures, climate, schedule/store prices or environmental issues. I mean that now more and more farmers in general are giving up the ability to choose and create their own actions, results, lives and futures. Not a sexy crisis I admit, but an insidious and devastating one nonetheless. It is tough watching farmers feeling frustrated and helpless, feeling like they lack consistent opportunity as well as lacking understanding, being reactive and being behind the game. Relationships, communities and land are all feeling the ill effects of this which doesn't bode well for the future for sheep and beef farming on the whole. None of this was visible at the GrowFARM National Mastermind. Why? Because these farmers were coming together and taking personal responsibility to step up and perform as people, leaders and business owners well beyond where they have done so before. They are powerful, connected and they are loving it!

Why was this happening at the same time that a huge lack of certainty exists in the industry? Here are a few pointers:

  1. A strong theme, topics and common purpose. The farmers were examining "The Practice of Profit," a theme that is not only needed but it extremely relevant to them and their families. They were discussing and learning what it really takes to generate consistent farm profits, year on year. The key was the focus on the underlying systems and principles that actually generate profit which means regardless of the conditions prevalent at the time (climate, markets, industry opinion etc), they can work out they best actions for their businesses to continue to generate profit (spare cash). The confidence that comes with this thinking and these systems and principles is worth gold to the modern farm business person, especially during uncertain times in the industry.

  2. Focused systems driving clarity and focus. They were strengthening their use of great systems to draft the unending ideas, opinions and external influences out there and turn them into opportunities for their businesses. They find it much easier to decide and choose between what is relevant and irrelevant, and therefore get to what is useful for them much faster. Useful to them means that which helps them create their personal and business visions, as opposed to just what sounds good for some reason. Things are not necessarily right or wrong, rather useful or not useful.

  3. They have trained themselves to be solution focused. As mentioned above, they drive hard to find better and more useful methods to generate profit and achieve their visions. This is very specific and allows room for solutions, not excuses. They have learned to confront the brutal facts in their thinking and businesses while at the same time maintain or build faith that they will prevail, regardless of the industry conditions. By happily sharing ideas they gain solutions through synergising with others.

  4. They use enthusiasm to their advantage. By being focussed and operating with clarity, these farmers are opening up to the array of opportunities available while accounting for the threats. They use positivity to search for the best way forward, rather than seeing threats and challenges as negative and therefore shutting down possibilities. They know the opportunities are there - they just have to find them. The enthusiasm is not only welcome but highly beneficial for them, their families and their communities.

  5. They make it priority to be with people of like value systems. They love identifying and being part of a community going places - part of a cause greater than themselves. The growth of leadership, strength and passion in rural communities is not only energising, it is great for the health! The support of a community such as this helps them immensely to step up when opportunities arise and when tough times appear. They are comfortable with being valuable contributors even when their ideas differ from others in the team - differing ideas aid in growth and the pushing out of comfort zones and boundaries to create new and wider boundaries.

Great attitudes, leadership and results among sheep and beef farmers, arising from great systems and proven principles in a focused team environment - it almost sounds unbelievable in the current industry setting! Know this, it is happening, its happening now and any sheep and beef farmer can be part of it if they are prepared to do what it takes. It may take some effort to understand this way of operating but if you could find a way to achieve consistent farm profits, wouldn't it be worth checking out?

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