Why do most New Zealand sheep and beef farm businesses lack profit?

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Posted by Brendon Walsh on 23 November 2015

Recently I returned from visiting a bunch of new GrowFARM clients in a particular area of NZ. They blew me away with the sheer joy they oozed after finally discovering how to make profit from their sheep and beef farms. This was after years of being told by the industry to increase production/gross farm income/lambing percentages and eat all the dry matter they grow - you name it!  They are only a few weeks into their time with us and are learning the background and principles behind how to generate sheep and beef farm profit, yet were like first year students on a new adventure! New! I thought about that – why would they not know about how to create a successful sheep and beef farm business after many years of farming?

They have all used industry recommended advice over the years but their results have shown very little value received. I mean, these are very intelligent and genuine rural folk who all have a huge desire to make a difference in their lives and just get some results to move forward with. What’s the deal?!

The part about them making breakthroughs so early in their time with us has me incredibly buzzed up! People doing what it takes to create results beyond where they ever thought they could is very inspiring. But what would cause years of stagnation while doing what is recommended?

In future blogs I want to explore some potential answers and share a few insights from 13 years as a farm business coach helping farmers to step up as business owners and actually deliver profit. Creating profit is just a system and any farmer who is prepared to do what it takes can get results. Would that be worth your while finding out about? 

If you are curious about how the GrowFARM® System can help sheep and beef farmers generate the profits they really wantcontact me here.

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