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Posted by Brendon Walsh on 11 May 2018

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In my last blog I talked about how habits drive results. Today I want to talk about what actually drives habits. That’s our beliefs.

Beliefs are things that we believe to be true, or what we hold true as to how life is for us. The interesting thing is that our true beliefs are always congruent to our habits, our actions and our results.

Here’s an example in sheep and beef farming - lifting profitability. There is a widespread belief in farming that to lift our profitability, we have to lift our stocking rates. In other words, get more intensive. But if your pre-spring pasture covers are low, and in most sheep and beef businesses they are, then increasing your stocking rate (increasing the feed demand) is not going to help that. In fact, many times it makes it worse. It even becomes like a drug for some i.e. you’ve got to lift that stocking rate more and more to get the same or a poorer result.

However, if you believe that fully feeding profitable animals during the spring profit period is the way to lift your profitability, then you’re likely not going to increase your stocking rate in the winter. That’s because you want to hit a certain target pasture cover prior to lambing (and all the other things you are going to do in the spring) of around 1800 - 2000 cover, or maybe even more! That allows you to deliver.

The same intention, but different beliefs, different habits, different actions and different results.

But, replacing those beliefs and habits can be tough! You need a structured process over time. You need the knowledge, the support, and the solid accountability to actually make that happen, to bring those results out and deliver. That allows you to develop a lot of confidence!

Growfarm provides those tools and that support that sheep and beef farmers need to take control of their businesses and unlock their potential. It puts in place those beliefs, those habits and those actions that bring those results. That’s why Growfarm is the proven business coaching system for New Zealand sheep and beef farmers.

 So, if you feel you need some help to take control of your sheep and beef farm business to start delivering what you really want under any of the conditions you may face, then get in touch through our website and lets have a chat about how you can do exactly that. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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