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Growfarm Profit Formula

The Growfarm Profit Formula

Learn proven, advanced techniques that produce consistent results using the Growfarm Profit Formula!

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  • Your current farm business results, and why they are as they are with ProfitLIVE® farm software
  • What you really want to achieve from your farm business and life
  • The myth of what profit actually is in farming, and learn how to calculate it for real
  • How to consistently deliver profits year on year, using the 6 Profit Principles

Use simple systems to keep yourself focussed on what is most important to you.

Without clarity on these issues, farm business decisions will be 50/50 at best!

With clarity you can then prepare to create the business results you really want!

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Being clear on the way forward, you then do what it takes to set up for the results you really want!

Prepare your:

  • Profitable livestock plans with ProfitLIVE® farm software
  • Financial data and resources with ProfitLIVE® farm software
  • Pastures and soils
  • Business decision making
  • Profitable livestock feeding regimes
  • Key on-farm profit parameters (including timing) throughout the year

Use the Growfarm® Season Plan to put it all together and keep it on track, throughout the whole season!

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Take the actions that ensure you create the results you really want.                             Put the plans into ACTION!

  • Make profitable decisions with confidence well ahead of time!
  • Run livestock scenarios at any time and receive instant and accurate profitability answers, with ProfitLIVE® farm software!
  • Keep yourself focussed and moving towards the results you really want through the regular coaching!
  • Grow and create opportunities through regular interaction with other focused Growfarm® clients!

Taking the right focused Action (backed up with Clarity and solid Preparation) vastly increases your chances of delivering the results you really want, year after year!

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Consistently Profitable Farm Business

Experience the excitement and satisfaction of generating the spare cash you really want, year after year!

Follow the Growfarm® Profit Formula and you virtually ensure the flow of spare cash into your sheep and beef farm business. The principles, tools and support of the Growfarm® System have been designed to cut to the chase and allow you to build a business with results you can be proud of.

  • Build consistency in results regardless of the variation in livestock market values, climate and current industry opinion!
  • Make great decisions with confidence!
  • Create the certainty you have been craving but found always found elusive!
  • Be ahead of the game every year!

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Use the Growfarm System to get it done! Every year you get:

  • Fortnightly meetings on the phone or video call
  • 24/7 access to our proven and unique online ProfitLIVE farm software
  • 2 in person meetings on your farm
  • 2 Regional Mastermind Meetings where we bring together other farm owners
  • National Mastermind Meeting - 1 time per year (2 days)
  • Access to your Growfarm coach and information support via email/phone/video calling


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