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ProfitLIVE Farm Management Software

 ProfitLIVE is our cloud-based farm management software and business analysis tool developed specifically for sheep and beef farm business owners to take control of their businesses and unlock their profit-making potential.

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ProfitLIVE Farm Management Software does the usual things

As with most farm management software, ProfitLIVE handles stock reconciliations with ease, reports cashflows, receives historical coded transactions, and reports major KPIs such as return on investment and debt to asset ratios.

Accountants are provided with accurate transaction reporting and accurate stock reconciliations at any time interval they require, and farmers have great profit visibility on their businesses.

Clients have access anytime and anywhere with an internet connection, using the cloud-based technology. 


But here's how ProfitLIVE Farm Management Software is different 

ProfitLIVE puts the farm business owner firmly in the drivers seat of their business by being able to do what no other decision-support software or farm management software can do:


  • Combines accounting principles, weekly animal production data, dry matter (DM) eaten, stock movements at any time, along with innovative profit reporting, in a clear and logical way.
  • Business reports that align with the TRUE PROFIT model - from basic principles through to the consistent delivery of those principles year on year
  • Forecasts and supports TRUE PROFIT decision-making for any stock class using cents profit per kilo of dry matter eaten on a weekly basis, after a share of all operating expenses have been allocated to animals daily!
  • Provides you with clear performance outcomes and profit for each business unit, well ahead of time

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ProfitLIVE helps our clients to

Gain full clarity on the true profitability of their animals at any time of year

Make strong and accurate decisions confidently and proactively to capture profit opportunities throughout the year

Focus on pulling the key levers that actually deliver the results they really want - and flush those that don't. In other words, put their focus only on areas that give the right bang for their buck.

Deliver consistently profitable annual results under any of the conditions they may face, season to season, year to year

Pay off farm debt at a faster rate than their lenders require

Feel a lot more confident about their own capabilities and being able to create results well into the future!

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Our clients get results like this!


Doubling, sometimes tripling their profits in 2-4 years

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Stronger balance sheets and lower risk, therefore far greater confidence from lenders

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More likely to be in a position of strength than a position of weakness

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 Rural professionals willingly providing real value through with the right additional services, beyond just compliance

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Time and energy to spend as they see fit e.g. with the family!

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ProfitLIVE easily works for

ANY sheep and beef farmer

on ANY sheep and beef farm

of ANY size

for ANY stock class

in ANY location

and works alongside or instead of your existing rural accounting, decision-support and farm management software


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