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We have developed a series of training programmes specifically for sheep and beef farmers and rural professionals to understand how profit is actually created in sheep and beef farm businesses AND how to go about creating it.

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 We have training suitable for all levels, from introductory to advanced profit model theory and implementation.

If you simply want a better understanding how what you do on farm impacts the financial side of your farm business or if you want to take your already awesome skills to the next level, then we have something for you. 

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Understanding sheep and beef farm profit

3 hours | pre-requisites - nil
Eliminate confusion by understanding the different profit reporting methods commonly used in the sheep and beef industry.
Discover and test the best profit method you can use to create real results in your sheep and beef farm businesses.

True Profit | Get ahead of the game

3 hours | pre-requisites - nil
This vital training provides a full introduction on how profit is actually created on your farm and how you can begin creating it.
A great overview of the profit model (including the 6 profit principles) and a fantastic way to introduce the profit model in a group setting
(e.g. RMPP Action Group).
Includes take-away methods and plans for putting the profit model in place on your farm.

Decision making for true sheep and beef farm profit

1/2 day | pre-requisites - nil
Look at your farm business in a whole new way and get prepared to profit under any conditions you may face
Run real time profit scenarios using our unique cloud based profit system - ProfitLIVE to learn how true sheep and beef farm operating profit is measured and calculated
Discover how to use this information to influence your true profit decision-making and be ready for anything.
Participants will need to bring a laptop.



How true sheep and beef farm profit is created PART 1 | Strategy

1/2 day | pre-requisites - nil
Get ready to step it up to a new level in business thinking with this in-depth look at the first three profit principles.
You'll begin developing your own framework for creating a truly profitable sheep and beef farm business, starting with the big picture for your business.
This intermediate level training uses ProfitLIVE®, our unique cloud based profit system, and is great by itself or as a follow-on from any of our introductory level training.
Part 1 of 3 - complete this training or complete the series!
Participants will need to bring a laptop.

How true sheep and beef farm profit is created PART 2 | Operations

1 day | pre-requisites - PART 1 | Strategy
The follow-on from Part 1 | Strategy. In this training you will uncover how you can create consistent profits on your farm, wherever and whoever you are.
Learn how to make the rubber meet the road by examining the final 3 profit principles.
Using ProfitLIVE, our unique cloud based profit system, you'll learn the key processes, decisions and actions that complete the pattern of success for profitable sheep and beef farmers, in this intermediate level training. 
Builds on the steps learned in Part 1 | Strategy and prepares you for Part 3 (the ability to deliver profit under ANY of the conditions you may face in your farming business).
Participants will need to bring a laptop.



How true sheep and beef farm profit is created PART 3 | Profit drivers and profit enhancers

1/2 day | pre-requisites - PART 2 | Operations
The follow-on from Part 2 | Operations. In this training you will discover the options you have to still deliver profitable results under changing conditions in your farm businesses.
Learn the levers to pull regardless of a fluctuating season and variable market conditions to deliver on your plans.
An advanced level training building on profit model fundamentals, using ProfitLIVE, our unique cloud based profit system, to build on the work you have developed in Parts 1 and 2.
Participants will need to bring a laptop.


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