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The Growfarm Scorecard Assessment

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Think you're a pretty good profit generator in your farm business but want to lift your game?

Or, want to know how to get better results in your farm business but don't know where to start?

It can be tough making headway against the uncontrollables in the sheep and beef industry so we developed The Growfarm Scorecard Assessment specifically to identify what you do well and where you have opportunities to improve. 

The Scorecard gives you a “likelihood of creating consistently profitable results” score and provides a clear direction and recommended next steps. How's that for farm support!

So, register for an external business assessment that will help put you in the driver's seat of your own development to create the results you really want in your farm business.

What people say about

The Growfarm® Scorecard Assessment

"Your assessment and recommendations for me were right on the money"
"I really enjoyed going through the process because it made me think about things that I have been avoiding"  

Personal and business development

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Developed for sheep and beef farmers and rural professionals to understand how profit is actually created in sheep and beef farm businesses AND how they can go about creating it. This is true farm support targeted to those who will benefit from it the most.



Tailored to your needs to help you create the results you really want in your farm business.

Not sure what your needs are?

Register for The Growfarm® Scorecard Assessment and find out!



Take control of your own development journey with our selection of ebooks and extensive blog | vlog collection all ready when you are.


The Growfarm System 

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Get consistent results faster with our proven combination of:

  • the True Profit Model
  • coaching - more than just just farm support, it's about farmer support.
  • networking
  • personal and business development and
  • ProfitLIVE - our cloud-based technology developed specifically for sheep and beef farm businesses
All using The Growfarm® Profit Formula (click to learn more).
Listen to our client stories to find out how the Growfarm System could help you.

ProfitLIVE business analysis

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Our cloud-based business analysis tool developed specifically for sheep and beef farm business owners to take control of their businesses and unlock their profit-making potential.

More than simply accounting software, ProfitLIVE allows you to do what no other decision-support software can do:

  • forecast and support true profit decision-making for any stock class →
  • using cents profit per kilo of dry matter eaten on a weekly basis →
  • after a share of all operating expenses have been allocated daily!

Works alongside or instead of your existing rural accounting and decision-support software.

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