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Keeping farm profit simple

Posted by Brendon Walsh on 11 August 2014

As a sheep and beef farmer, have you ever stopped to ask yourself if you really know the pattern for generating profit from your farm business? Have you ever mulled over how it should be a lot simpler than our industry (and our annual results) seems to make it? Well, the good news is that creating profit from a sheep and beef farm business comes down to exactly that - keeping it simple!

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3 Questions All Sheep and Beef Farmers Need to Answer

Posted by Brendon Walsh on 27 June 2014

All sheep and beef farmers need to answer these 3 questions accurately if they really want to get their hands on that consistent profit that is proving so elusive in our industry. Moving their businesses forward is not only important, it is crucial to their families futures.

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What is your system for generating reliable profit?

Posted by Brendon Walsh on 21 May 2014

Sheep and beef farmers are enjoying some reasonable returns lately, and rightly so! They produce great products (mainly meat and wool) that consumers need to stay healthy and well clothed. It is in fact very challenging for the average consumer to find good healthy food (such as meat) produced by nature and without additives of some kind these days. Fibre from the sheep's back (natural) is also very hard to beat in terms of it's attributes for warmth, durability, good looks and fire retardant properties, among others.

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Are higher returns THE answer?

Posted by Brendon Walsh on 22 April 2014

The focus for many sheep and beef farmers at the moment is on lifting returns "to provide a decent reward for their efforts and make farming actually worthwhile." This is mainly due to the sentiment around lack of profitability in sheep and beef farming - a lack of spare cash and the lack of options people perceive around that.

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Profit is different from income

Posted by Brendon Walsh on 2 April 2014

This statement may seem a little obvious and I would agree. However many in the sheep and beef farming industry unfortunately tend to confuse to two concepts, often to a point where they are accepted as one and the same. Perhaps this is a big contributor to the lack of profitability in our industry?

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Powerful Connected Farmers

Posted by Brendon on 25 March 2014

Putting together sheep and beef farmers of like value systems creates incredible opportunities! The power and focus created when they mastermind together for a common purpose is just what our NZ Sheep and Beef farming industry needs, and this is exactly what was created when GrowFARM clients from around NZ attended the GrowFARM National Mastermind Meeting for 2 days last week in Hamilton.

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